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Sacred Sex & Energy Exchange.

“It is intentional pleasure that brings us back into the body.”

Lets dive into the taboo topic of sex & the even more taboo topic of sacred sex.

I am called to share about sacred sexuality because there is a parallel between the sexual world & the spiritual world that many seem to overlook. Also, I have extensive knowledge on the topic of energy medicine & the human vibrational field & believe that this knowledge should be shared with others to help them step into their Divinity.

What if I told you there is a reason that Christianity encourages sex to be kept inside of a marriage & its not to keep us from experiencing pleasure, or even from being young, or free, or sexual...

In fact, you can change your relationship with sex by allowing it to become something that is sacred, & STILL be all of those things.

Disclaimer: I am in no way, shape, or form saying that you should have to wait until marriage to have sex. I am saying that you should consider making your body exclusive only to those who love, cherish, honor, & respect you.

Another disclaimer, this is not a lecture about self-respect; simply an encouragement to you, the reader to potentially shift your perspective on something that we are told is physical, but is actually very...very spiritual.

In fact, every single time you have sex with someone it is an energetic exchange.

Despite, how insignificant this act or maybe even this person may be to you, engaging in this act of intimacy with another human being literally intertwines your aura with theres...

Don't believe me?

Lets dive deeper into this...

We are all physical beings, but we are also so much more than that, including ‘energetic beings’. When you get intimate with anyone you merge with their energy- regardless of the level of intimacy or even the emotional connection or lack there of...

— ANY time you are intimate with another person (or people) you absorb some of their energy and they absorb some of your energy.

When we think of personal hygiene, we think of bathing our physical bodies, skin care, brushing our teeth, etc. If we don't do these things or keep up with them, eventually our physical body will get dirtier, develop bacteria, etc.

What if I told you the same goes for your energetic body?

Ask yourself when the last time you cleansed & bathed your vibrational body.

While 5% of you reading this may have done this yesterday. I assume the other 95% is now imagining how filthy they must be based off of that question alone.

Another false belief that today's toxic new-age spirituality has probably taught you is that the way to cleanse your energy is through crystals, incense or sage... While these tools can be used to purify energy..they can also AMPLIFY negative energy when used without proper intention, etc.

With that being said, i'd like to share with you 5 ways that you can ACTUALLY cleanse your aura.

1. Spend time with God.

Ask Him to cleanse & purify your body with Divine Light.

2. Spend time in Creation.

There are several scientific studies that have proved the healing effects of "grounding" sometimes referred to as "earthing"; as well as the healing effects of simply spending time in & with nature.

3. Bathing/Swimming with Intention.

Submerging yourself in water helps cleanse your aura. As ocean water contains salt and minerals, it is especially useful for drawing minor psychic debris out of your aura.

4. Sunbathing

One of my personal ways to cleanse my vibrational field & recharge is by immersing myself in the sunlight. Particularly, by aligning the sun with my 3rd eye (the space between your eyebrows) & breathing in the energy of the Sun. While doing this, I take 3 deep, cleansing breaths. Visualizing Divine, white light cleansing my entire being.

5. Meditation.


Now that we know this about energy, think about those who you give your physical body to. Do they cleanse their energy? How many partners have they had or still have that they are currently exchanging energy with? Do you want to carry that?

I am not telling you to stop having sex. I am simply encouraging you to be more choosy with who you allow into your vibrational field. Period.

Your energy is sacred. Your WOUND is sacred. Affirm this to yourself & acknowledge that allowing someone access to your sacred sexual energy is a privilege to them.

Therefore, it is crucial that we choose partners who honor us, respect us, & understand that access to this sacred part of ourselves is a privilege.

Understanding the sacredness of your sexuality will then help you become more confident in your sexuality because you are bringing healing to your divine feminine.

If you consider the fact that our vaginas bleed without injury, get wet without water, & our womb literally BIRTHS creation & brings life into this world...

than you should be able to grasp that that womb is a spiritual portal; a sacred one.

There is a reason you are reading this, & if its making you uncomfortable, well then that itself is your reason.

This is your message, this is your sign.

If you do not have a partner who loves, cherishes, respects, & honors both you & your pleasure...

I encourage you to try celibacy until you find one who does.

Not because the Bible said so. Not because I said so.

Because your higher self said so.

I love you & I'm rooting for you.

Honor your womb, honor yourself.

Love & Light,


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