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"“I have seen Kayla several times for her non-traditional therapy sessions. Each session is different, but centers on Spiritual Healing for the mind, body, and soul/spirit. Never have I left a “traditional” therapy session so filled with peace and love and a general feeling of healing. In one session, I felt the Holy Spirit physically healing an area in my body that has caused me significant pain and discomfort for months. In another session, Kayla’s guidance helped me see, and I do mean truly see, someone that left my life recently, and helped me manage the insurmountable grief. She also gives you guidance on how to use her techniques to help outside of the therapy sessions. Since coming to Kayla, I have felt more at ease, happier and less stressed. I also have a sense of peace that I had not had in my life. Not only is Kayla a very special person, she has a true skill in healing. I cannot recommend Kayla and her therapy enough and feel everyone can benefit. But speaking for myself, I know God guided me to her and I am so Grateful for her being a part of my life.”

Kristen Kemling- 1:1 Healing





Being able to experience/be apart of a group of encouraging woman has changed my life in many ways, including the way I pursue creating other female relationships (a difficult task for most!) Surrounding myself with a group of women who have the purest of hearts, encouraging and uplifting words, and inviting and pleasant energies has allowed me to experience a feeling of safety and comfort in a state of vulnerability that I never have been able to before. Having impactful, meaningful conversations with these women have expanded my knowledge and awareness while also acting as a reminder that I am never alone in the things I go through. This is more than a ‘friend group’, this is a Divine Sisterhood!🙏💞✨


Joining the divine sisterhood has drastically changed the trajectory of my internal and external healing. Being able to connect with women from all walks of life birthed a newfound respect and compassion to women everywhere. It’s the safest I have ever felt in a large group of women. By sharing our vulnerability and humility with one another, we have made space to fill each others cups while simultaneously pouring into ourselves. And that has to be my favorite part of this sisterhood; overflowing love for one another. Between the laughs, cries, and tough conversations, I don’t think I would be the person I am today without this group of women. I will forever be grateful for these divine women.


This group found me and I am so so thankful for it. I have never connected with a group women on such a deep level. Everyone is truly so so kind and loving- zero judgement and REAL chat on experiences, fears, insecurities, and passions. A place where you don’t have to keep your walls up and there are zero expectations and pressure to be a certain way or “give” something. Each Monday I am given the opportunity to slow down and evaluate my soul, heal my heart, and comfort my spirit. Thank you to all the women who support this group💕


When I first met Kayla, she had nothing but open arms and support for me and my spiritual/wellness journey. She wanted to take me deeper. She knew about my religious trauma and wanted to show me and so many other people that we are capable of healing this trauma and we always have been. When she became my mentor, she really helped me open my eyes and shift my perspective in so many different ways. Some of these ways I didn’t even think were possible just because of how hard I had been sticking to society’s expectations. You don’t need a church. You don’t need a pastor. All you need is trust within yourself and God. 


I’ve loved the opportunity to connect with other women who share the same desire to grow and change, and are willing to learn and listen to other people’s stories. We’re all learning from each other and I think, in a way, developing a new kind of compassion by just conversing about real shit. I think that’s my favorite part: the honesty. You can be as open as you want, no need- but we don’t do bullshit, and I love that. We’re REAL with one another and that to me is a really special kind of sisterhood that a lot of women don’t experience these days. 
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