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Garden Soil


I'm Kayla, the face & heart of Divine Wellness.


I am deeply grateful that you have found this page! Scroll to get to know me & to read more about the mission/testimony of Divine Wellness!

It is my sincerest desire that through reading a piece of my story, you receive a piece of my heart. 

Garden Soil
Honey on Figs



D I V I N E :

"of, from or like God."


Divine Wellness not only offers a variety of Holistic Healing Services but carries a powerful message about what it means to truly "heal."

We believe that the key to healing is the ability to recognize the divinity within all things, including the self.


When we approach life from a heart-posture of divinity, we develop the ability to return to our true self.


Our mission is to help assist you in this journey by helping you unravel the divine within YOU, ultimately revealing a sacred union between you & the Holy Spirit.

Divine Wellness strives to reveal to you the true nature & heart of God.


Our goal is to lead you to union between yourself & Christ through divine relationship, not religion. 


It is only the wisdom of Our Creator that has the power to heal our  deepest wounds.


I am here to teach you that this wisdom

lives within you.

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