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Smoking x Herbal Medicine

Updated: Jul 4, 2022

When we hear the term "herbal medicine", more than likely our brain naturally formulates images of teas, food, tinctures, etc. In fact, for some people smoking is not even close to being a factor of association to the word medicine...

However, smoke is one of the oldest forms of herbal medicine on the planet.

According to the department of Pharmacognosy, Faculty of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences Research Center, the advantages of smoke-based remedies includes rapid delivery to the brain meaning more efficient absorption by the body. When inhaled, herbal smoke is one of the fastest methods for delivering phytochemical's to the bloodstream.

The uses of medicinal smoke in traditional cultures ranges from treating respiratory illnesses, pain, mental & physical illness, wound & infections, birthing, lactation and postpartum care.

Common forms of treating pain through the use of herbal smoke are migraines, back pain, toothaches, earaches, etc. This is because the burning of specific plant, including Cannabis allows the release of volatile oils & other analgesic compounds that aid in physical relaxation & pain relief.

Another common use of herbal smoke is for spiritual protection & healing. For thousands of years, the burning of herbs have been used as a way of warding off dark forces & energy; a form of spiritual protection. In ancient times, there was no separation between matter and spirit, therefore purification of the soul was a vital component of healing physical disease.

Personally, the use of herbal smoke as protection plays a significant role in my spiritual life. Particularly, the use of Nagchampa incense to cleanse & purify my physical & energetic body after a long day of exchanging energy with strangers.

However, the most profound healing effects of herbal smoke can be found through ritual & prayer. Since the beginning of its discovery, ceremonial smoke has been used as a way to purify body, mind, and spirit.

These are just a few of the ways we can benefit from the uses of herbal medicine through smoke.

The goal of the herbal medicine designed & produced by Divine Wellness is to aid in healing the overall being on a soul-level. After months of doing extensive research on which herbs are smokable, & the unique healing properties associated with each one... I began making a list of which herbs best fit the criteria of my vision.

The next step in the creation process was deciding where to purchase these herbs from in order to assure that my products were safe for consumption, meaning organic, & non-toxic but also of the highest quality.

After carefully selecting & purchasing herbs from all over the world, I began creating & hand crafting 3 herbal blends that all serve a unique purpose.

I am so grateful that God has given me the ability to combine my love for creating with my passion for holistic wellness. .

With that being said, I am even more grateful to now share this creation with you & hopefully lead others to a path of holistic alternatives, and to their JOURNEY of spiritual healing.

All Glory to God.

Love & Light,



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