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Religion Versus Divine Union.

As someone who has continuously struggled with the ways we are taught through Religion to connect deeper with God, it has been placed on my heart that many people may share this same struggle...

Therefore, I am here to share with you the ways that I found & continue to use to connect deeper with both Jesus & God every day.

This is also a reminder that Christ & Christianity are not the same.

We live in a world filled with so much misinformation about who Jesus actually was & unfortunately a lot of this misinformation is spread through churches directly.

Nothing & I mean NOTHING about my walk with God is or has ever been traditional or “normal.”

I was not raised with religious enforcement.

I found God when I wasn’t looking for Him.

I experienced Jesus in a way that wasn’t something that could be explained through Science or logic.

I experienced the Holy Spirit move MY entire spirit in a Church that spoke 0 English.

I wasn’t “manipulated or forced” into believing in Him.

This energetic experience was the beginning of my walk with God, & what was soon to be a much, much more intense, confusing, frustrating, yet incredible, INDESCRIBABLE spiritual journey.

**DISCLAIMER:** I am not God. Nor do I have all of the answers. Everything I share is simply my personal beliefs & experiences. I do not expect everyone to resonate or fully agree with everything I have to say. (That goes for everything I post)

I share what God puts on my heart to share with pure intentions with hope that those who are meant to receive it will accept it with an open mind & an open heart.

Ever since I was a little girl, I have always had a hard time connecting with God in the traditional ways I was taught about. Including Church, & reading/comprehending the Bible.

It was almost like when you give your life to Jesus, Christianity gives you a handbook of how to follow & connect with God and if you go outside of it that you’re not a true follower.

I remember sitting in church trying so hard to “feel God”, even when the message occasionally did resonate with me or when I enjoyed one of the songs, I could never truly comprehend the concept of the God they were talking about, & I definitely couldn’t feel him.

It wasn’t until I began experiencing God in the ways we aren’t taught that I began truly feeling Him.

It was this, amongst other things that lead me to choosing to no longer identify with a Religious label, but as a follower of Christ.

I follow Jesu, the God of Light. Christ not Christianity.

Not the same.

I began prioritizing my RELATIONSHIP with God over Religious Dogma.

I started using crystals as a TOOL of creation, practicing yoga & mediation, & spending most of of my time in nature.

I would go into the woods by myself.

Sometimes, I would hug the trees & interact with the vibrational field of creation. Other times, I would go on walks & speak out loud to God as if He was walking beside me.

I would talk to him like he was a friend, not a Father.

It was then that it began to make sense.

God (Source) IS creation. It is the energy of all creation, & is both masculine & feminine. That energy is accessible to everyone who is willing to receive it & is both outside of us AND within us.

Jesus was the human manifestation of God that walked the earth the same way we do today. He was a prophet, a healer. God came to Earth in the form of Jesus. He sent Him to love, to heal, & to teach those about the One true Source.

Jesus’s Spirit continues to exist in The Higher Realms & He, the Holy Spirit, is/are the same energy as GOD.

We live in a world filled with so much misinformation about who Jesus actually was & unfortunately a lot of this misinformation is spread through churches directly.

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