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Divine: "of, from or like God."


Divine Wellness not only offers a variety of Holistic Healing Services but carries a powerful message about what it means to truly "heal."


The word Divine itself carries a strong correlation to the overall message of this Wellness Space.

We believe that the key to life is being able to recognize the divinity within all things, including the self.


When we approach life from a heart-posture of divinity...

we develop the ability to return to our true self, as we begin to understand what it means to truly heal.


Our mission is to help assist you in this journey by helping you unravel the divine nature within you that has been there all along.


A sacred union between you & your creator.

Divine Wellness strives to reveal to you the true nature & heart of God.


In addition to this, Divine Wellness strives to lead you to a path of conscious living & thinking.

Divinity is also Sacredness.

This is why Divine Wellness places deep emphasis on teaching about Sacred Spirituality + Sensuality.

Our  brand combines ancient healing  modalities with  soul cultivation to help lead you back to yourself.




Divine Wellness strives to help you achieve union between yourself & your creator in a way that encourages relationship, not religion. 


It is only the wisdom of our creator that has the power to heal our  deepest wounds. I am here to teach you that this wisdom lives within you.





Divine Wellness is an online wellness brand & community.

Our services include  1:1 healing sessions that combine guided meditation, breath work, energy medicine, & restorative yoga to help you leave feeling optimized in your mind, body, & spirit,

Owner of Divine Wellness, Kayla Knox, has consciously curated & developed a 1:1 mentorship program where she shares her gifts to help lead women to theirs.

She does this by utilizing + sharing the wisdom, practices, healing modalities, & sacred secrets that she has learned over the years of her Spiritual Journey + Walk with Christ. 


Herbal Products, Yoga Pop-Up Events, Sisterhood Opportunities, & UPCOMING spiritual development courses,


 Our goal is for Divine Wellness to eventually manifest into a physical wellness center +

behind the name

Divine: "of, from, or like God."

The 3 in Divine also holds significance. The power of the number three is universal and denotes divine perfection. The number three points us to what is "real, essential, perfect, substantial, complete, and Divine."


It refers to the nature of the world as heaven, earth, & waters. It is human as body, mind, and soul. It is divine in its representation of the Holy Trinity. Therefore, it is also a representation of the perfection of Christ's perfect & Divine Nature.

Most importantly, it signifies the Spirit as the completion of the trinity.

For instance, the Holy Spirit completes the trinity of the Father, & the Son because the Holy Spirit is what lives within US. It is the Spirit that heals us, moves us, teaches us, works in and through us.

With that being said, the mind & the body cannot achieve true wellness without the cultivation of the soul. In fact, I would argue that the cultivation of the soul is the most important out of the 3 when it comes to the need to be nurtured & cared for.

In todays society, there is so much emphasis placed on both mental & physical health. While this is a wonderful thing, it appears that as a collective we seem to undermine the importance of cultivating our souls...

That is where Divine Wellness comes in.


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